Anne Lister diary transcriptions Anne Lister's diary 1816

Index for 14 August to 5 November 1816

Wed 14          
Macclesfield – Buxton – teazing Anne

Th 15                    
Buxton – Crescent – stables – walks – Castleton – Speedwell mine – Ebbing & Flowing well – excusing myself to Ann for my partiality to the ladies

Fri 16                    
Dull day at Buxton – Remarks on the place – contradicted all I said to Anne last night

Sat 17                   
Left Buxton – the bath charity – conduct to Miss Anne

Sun 18                  
Sarah & the laundry maid very ill – Talkation –

Mon 19                
C- afraid of being thought mad – Mr Stamford Caldw dined with us – Remarks on his manners and conversation – Anne let me look at her — a lock of tweres hair

Tues 20                
Wrote M- a circular for her friends – M- fainted – Left Lawton – went to Field House

Wed 21                
All but connected with Anne – Mrs Steph’s opinion of C- – Steph jin. Party –

Th 22                    
Conduct to Anne – Steph shewing me C-‘s incoherent note of Mon 29 July – Left Field house –

Fri 23                    
Newcastle, Congleton, Wilmslow, Cheadle, Manchester, Rochdale, Halifax – My aunt L’s scandal abut C- – Got to Shibden at 8 in the evening –

Sat 24                   
Mrs Veitch left us – Wrote to M-

Sun 25                  
Wrote to Mrs Steph – Began Horsley’s Sermons –

Mon 26                
Wrote to my mother – Fruitless walk to call on Miss M-  Remarks on Mrs G’s mo. their[?] Com. Civility – Begun the Itineraise de Genève Lausanne de

Wed 28                
Wrote to Miss M- A letter from M-

Fri 30                    
Wrote I. N. Berne in Swisse

Sat 31                   
Wrote to M-


Mon 2                  
Wrote to R.C. (Vid 1 Sept.) – Letter from Miss M- telling me what Mrs G had said of me – Account of the Halifax parish registers – Begun the Gr. test.

Thurs 3                
Paid Mr W for consulting the registers  P[?] explained –

Weds 4                
Begun arranging my journal – Remarks upon it – Mr & Miss Hudson called – Began with German grammar

Fri 6                      
Miss S Ralph called –

Sat 7                     
Letter from M- – Mrs & Miss C Greenwood called –

Sun 8                    
Curiously mounted walnut for I.N.

Mon 9                  
Wrote to M-. Letter from my mother

Tues 10                
Called on Mrs Wetherherd

Th 12                    
Wrote to Miss M-  joint letter from Mrs H.S.B. & Anne – Mrs Veitch came – Her nephew Mr H. Ridsdale drank tea with us –

Fri 13                    
My aunt L-‘s story about C-

Sat 14                   
Mr Morris’s trial – Mr Wilbraham in a scrape –

Mon 16                
Wrote to M-

Wed 18                
Drank tea at Northgate –

Fri 20                    
Miss A Walker & Miss Atkinson & my uncle & aunt Lister called –

Sat 21                   
Letter from M-  C-takes Anne to Manchester to see Miss O’Neil –

Mon 23                
Wrote to M-  answer to a point of etiquette

Tues 24                
Called on the Ralphs, Greenwoods, Mrs Tom Rawson, Mrs Veitch & at Northgate. Joe Milnes began cutting his wheat –

Thurs 26              
Called at Crow Nest, Cliffhill, Lightcliffe, & Mr Hudson’s. –

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