Anne Lister diary transcriptions Anne Lister's diary 1828 Anne Lister's diary August 1828

Sunday 3 August 1828


Bowels loose, two or three little motions and my cousin came. Hurried & all ready to be off at 7½ per mail but no outside place & only 1 vacant inside so would not go. Went out at 8. Past the Tron church & along [London] Street to the green. A preaching under Nelson’s monument. Distinctly heard what the man said on stopping to listen on the outside of the green. A considerable number of people around him. Went some distance beyond the good 4 arch stone bridge over the Clyde. Then turned back. Walked all along the river (many men bathing & swimming) & returned by the fail & got back at 9½. Sunny, sultry, thickish morning. Lay down on the sofa. Breakfast at 10. Feel feverish & languid & light headed. Lie down for a little again & come upstairs at 11. Very hot in my pelisse. Change my dress. From 12 20/60 to 1 25/60 settling my accounts and making out the last 5 monthly summaries of my private account. Then reading Scottish Tourist & wrote the above of today & cleaned my [tab…s] which took me till 2¼. Began to rain before 12. Rained heavily at 2.

The Nelson monument on Glasgow Green (the People’s Palace, the large building and conservatory behind the monument was not there in Anne Lister’s time, it was opened in 1828).
Photo by dave souza, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Came downstairs about 2½. Wrote the latter 3rd page 2 & page 3 & finished my letter to Miss McLean. Ask the name & proper spelling of the glen we saw in Skye & the distance from Tobermory to Staffa, Iona & round by Tiree back, & the distance we went the day we went to Skye. Tell her to direct to me at Langton. Hope to be there for 10 days on Wednesday or Thursday. To be off at 7½ per mail tomorrow morning & sleep at Carlisle. If she wants a week in Edinburgh must leave home Tuesday 2nd next month. Will contrive for her to cross the channel comfortably. Whether I shall be with her will be uncertain till I have been some time at Shibden. Shall go there from Langton. The Londerry sails at 8 a.m. on Tuesday for the Giant’s Causeway to Londonderry. At great temptation. Hesitated a few moments. But have not time. Give it up. “Walk out a little every day & take the best care of yourself you can. My love to you all. If there be anything you [word missing here? ‘wish’?] I should write, or would have liked me to write, that I have not written assure yourself that it is lying by at heart & that I am always Sibbella very faithfully & affectionately yours, A L-.” Gave the waiter my letter at 5¾ to “Miss Maclean of Coll, Coll House, Aros, Mull.” Wrote a page to Mariana.

Read (before & after dinner) the Scottish Tourist, Steam Boat Tours. Dinner at 7¼. Had sent to take my place outside by the mail at 7½ tomorrow morning to Caerlisle but somehow the boots1‘The boots’ refers to a servant whose principal job was to clean shoes (derived from ‘the boot black’), but would often be given other tasks. came while I was writing to Mariana. I did not rightly understand why he must have the money that minute. Did not like being thus called upon to go upstairs for it. Said I would wait. The office was then shut. I had time to consider &, finding the mail goes by Lanark & starts from some distance farther up the street & reaches Caerlisle at 6 p.m. (price 32/.), & the Independent coach starts from the door at 6 & goes by Kilmarnock & Dumfries & reaches Caerlisle soon after 9, determined to go by the latter so took my place outside, price 21/. . Vid. line 6 of today for the morning. Rainy afternoon & evening. Came up to my room at 9.

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