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Tuesday 20 May 1828

Pretty fair motion. Dawdling around 1 thing or another & did not leave my room till 10 40. Breakfast immediately. Miss McL- came soon after 11. Sat [cozying?]. Just attempted to walk towards the Carlton hill but an east wind [death?] to Miss McL- on account of her cough so returned to the inn. Put ours & my luggage into a hackney coach & got to the Thackeray’s, 35 Melville Street, about 1 ½. Lady Elizabeth T- a remarkably pleasing interesting ladylike little person marked a little with the small pox but having so good a countenance as to be absolutely pretty. Colonel T- (of the artillery) very gentlemanly little man. Sat talking. The ‘baby’ (20 months old little girl) an excellent amusement to us all. Lunch brought up at 2 ½. Went out with Miss McL- & called on her uncle & aunt McL-, the latter a singularly talkative old lady of 73. Came in again at 3 5. The Thackerays out. Sat upstairs in our own room talking. The hair dresser (from Gianetti’s Gro. Street) came at 5. Dressed my hair very fairly. A Monsieur & Madame Thiebaut, a [?] Mr Carnegie & [?] Mr Charles Stuart (Miss Hobart’s cousin) of the 4th King’s own (infantry) dined with us. Both very gentlemanly young men. Dinner at 6 ½. Monsieur T- cousin to Lady Elizabeth. Madame T- an English woman. They live near Blois. He in the French guards. Not of very large fortune. A nice little girl of 4 ½ years old. Madame T- talked incessantly about France & her establishment & difficulties etc etc in managing the French lower classes etc etc. On going away gave her my address in Paris. Came upstairs at 11. Fine day. East wind. I to take half Miss MacL’s bed but have a dressing room. The dinner today too handsome for the party. Sauterne champagne, sherry and madeira at dinner. [?] & port & claret & a foreign sweet wine afterwards & 2 sorts of ice.

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday 20 May 1828

  1. Hi! I am considering signing up for transcribing myself, but so far content in admiring your work and others’. 🙂

    Could it be possible that the title of your entry should read “Tuesday 20 May 1828” (instead of Thursday)? I tried to read them in order and unless she skipped a day, that would make sense. 🙂

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