Anne Lister diary transcriptions Anne Lister's diary 1828 Anne Lister's diary May 1828

Wednesday 21 May 1828

Talked nearly the whole of the night, not more than an hour or two’s sleep. She came closeish, put her arm over me, but I had my drawers etc on and lay very still and at a distance. Thought too of her cough and would rather have been alone. Breakfast at 10½. Downstairs looking at maps, talking to the Th-’s about our tour. Captain Cawdon called. About an hour upstairs making ready to go with Miss McL- to Redford. The T-’s very kindly making us promise to return to them tomorrow. Off at 1½ in Mr Hunter’s carriage (left behind & the horses also on some account or other). Went to 1 or 2 shops. Pretty drive enough but took not much notice of it. Reached Redford at 2½ (5 miles south west of Edinburgh).

Sat talking the rest of the day. A damp little sunk place with a very nice garden. Felt as if struck with rheumatism the moment I entered and soon, that is by dinner time, felt a thoroughly bad cold come on. Could not live here, glad I came not sooner nor for longer. Told my being sure of two thousand a year on my father’s death, might be more. Told of M-’s coming to live with me if anything happened to C-. Said we had made up our quarrel but did not explain it. Said what sort of terms with Mrs B- it was, about what M- ought to have had under her mother’s settlement. Said I had said she had been cajoled out of it and I could not retract. My sister very good but not like me. I had no influence with her. Miss MacLean equally confidential about her brother’s match etc. His wife had since their marriage spent three thousand a year. Has girls. Had their mother’s fortune, forty thousand, the interest of this what her brother chiefly lived on now. Breadalbane. One of the pious, too much so. It seems to make those around her happy. Dinner at 5 ½. Very nicely sent up. Sat talking till 12¾. Very fine day. Slept together as before.

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