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Thursday 22 May 1828

Talked again last till very late. Breakfast at 10 ½. From 12 ½ to 2 ½ wrote out the whole of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & so far of the morning. Off from Redford at 3 ½. Went to Simpson’s Hotel, Queen Street to inquire for lodgings. Full. Then called at Gianetti’s, 39 George Street (where the Thiebauts are) & took them from tomorrow. Got to the Thackerays at 4 ½. Hair dressed at 5 ¼. Dinner at 6 ½. No one but ourselves. Came upstairs at 11. Sat up talking. Talked the more freely saying the whiskey had got into my head. Took it for the cold the damp nunk [1] air of Redford had given me. Fine day.

[1] I have no idea what ‘nunk’ means, but this is a letter for letter transcription of what Anne wrote: ‘\6\|.’ Perhaps she mis-spelled this word, or perhaps it’s an archaic or Yorkshire dialect word I’ve never heard of. If you can enlighten me please comment below.

You can see the original diary entry here:

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