Anne Lister diary transcriptions Anne Lister's diary 1828 Anne Lister's diary May 1828

Friday 23 May 1828

Talked very long in bed, more freely than ever before. Blamed the whiskey. Breakfast at 10. Then some time with Colonel T- in his study looking at his books. Seems to keep up his Greek. Very fond of the language. Left the T-’s in spite of the really kind invitations for us to stay & got to our lodgings (39 George Street) at 12. Found the Thiebauts were only just gone. Left the people to get all cleaned up for us. Strolled into White’s the booksellers, then over the north bridge (which looked down upon the fish & vegetable market) & to the museum. 1¼ hour there. Not much to be seen but quite fine collection of stuffed birds. Very fine specimen of the peahen assuming the plumage of the male [1]. Large handsome room lighted from the top with galleries all round it & small rooms about the sides about it. Did not dress. Put on my black velvet cap and thin shoes. Got to the Thackeray’s to dine at 6. Dinner in ½ hour. Got back to our lodgings at 9 55. Fine day but as ever since my arrival east wind. Thickish & impossible to see much.

[1] I wonder whether Anne Lister had a personal reason for her interest in this. Please comment below (or on social media) if you have thoughts on this.

You can see the original diary entry here:

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