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Saturday 24 May 1828

Talking almost all the night rather flirtingly. She always lies with her arm round me. Breakfast at 11. Colonel Thackeray came at 12. He & Miss McL- & I went out at 12 ¼. First to Trotter’s furniture rooms, 9 Princes Street [then] the post office. Letter from my aunt, Paris. 3 pages & end. Very good account of her. Mrs & Miss Barlow to be off from Paris for England on the 27th inst.

From the post office to the Calton hill. It began to rain therefore the people would not shew us the observatory, tho’ Colonel T- in coming along had met Mr Stewart Monteith who had given him an order (in his capacity of magistrate) for seeing the observatory, the jail & bridewell. No view to be seen from the Carlton hill in consequence of the east wind & haze so went along Princes Street & thus to see the museum of antiques. Could not be admitted till Tuesday. The rain continuing all went home.

Came in at 1½. Read aloud my aunt’s letter to Miss MacL which led to obs[ervations] on the little countess. It seems Madame de R- has after all been at a party at the de Boyves since my being away. My aunt thinks she gulled us both about the teeth & me about the bird of paradise. Everything is possible. A little annoyed for the moment but care not much about it. Wrote 2½ pages to my aunt. Dinner at 6. Tea from 9 to 10. Thoroughly rainy afternoon from our coming in at 1½ for the rest of the day. Came to my room at 11.

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4 thoughts on “Saturday 24 May 1828

  1. I’m fascinated to know how Madame de R ‘gulled’ (which I assume means tricked or duped) them about teeth and a bird of paradise! Has anyone come across this story?

  2. Hi, I am following, thanks for sharing this with us! AL’s relationship with Sibella MaClean has been overshadowed by her more “major” relationships, whereas I am quite intrigued by this particular one. Please keep the good work up. Heart.

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