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Thursday 29 May 1828

Breakfast at 10½. Sat talking some how telling her of my inclination to have gone off with Eliza Raine to the banks of the Arno, but waited for her being of age and was harumskarum. She doubted me, fretted, etc etc and the thing went off. She became insane and I had known M-.  Miss Sarah Riddell called about 12 or rather before. Were to have gone to the Salisbury crags at 10½, but it had rained at 9, was very thick & likely enough to rain again & we gave it up. Wrote the last ½ [of] page 3 & the ends & finished my letter to my aunt begun on Saturday. To me direct to Mr Alexander McL- esquire of Coll, Tobermory, N. B. Talking of being off from here tomorrow for Sterling & Loch Katrine. May perhaps be in Mull in about a fortnight. Wrote this too to my father in a letter of 3 pages. Colonel & Lady Elizabeth T- called. He left her Ladyship with us for an hour till after 2. Wrote the above of today.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday 29 May 1828

  1. She speaks vividly to us.
    I sent one to my wife about Edinburgh and how we’d been to the places Anne had the connections to be at.
    At Giles these days is quite a shrine.
    Be wonderful if Miss Lister got a mention in it.
    Thank you for this 🎩

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