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Wednesday 23 July 1828

9 10/60

She left her own room and slept with me. One kiss last night. Breakfast at 11¾. Came up to my room at 12¼. Wrote 3 pages & the ends to my aunt, ditto to Mariana, ditto to Mrs Barlow & very nearly 3 pages to my sister, & 1½ page to Mrs Duffin, which took me till 4½. Dress for dinner. Dinner at 5. Lieutenant Colonel McNeil of Barra here, a very gentlemanly man just on ½ pay from the lifeguards. Come to look for a house in Mull. Barra too far off. From 8 to 9 p.m. walk out with Mrs & Mrs McLean & Breadalbane [1] about the garden grounds. Beautiful bay. Beautiful little freshwater lake. Beautiful situation for a house. Tea. Afterwards strawberries & cream. Came to my room at 10¾. Very fine day. Said, in walking, they really ought to call the house Coll House. No objection. Agreed. Should be [written] Drimfin (dreemfin) the hill of Fingal. 

Tobermory Pier
Photo by Reading Tom, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

This is the pier built by Thomas Telford (who forgot to build a stair), mentioned by Anne in her diary entry for the previous day.

[1] Breadalbane (AKA Albane) was Sibella’s youngest sister. Sibella had one brother, Hugh (the eldest of the siblings) and 5 sisters: Janet, Catherine, Marion, Maria and Breadalbane (See p.382 Alexander Maclean Sinclair, The Clan Gillean 1899 Haszard and Moore,

Sibella’s sister Janet married George Vere Hobart and they had one daughter, Vere Hobart. Anne Lister met Vere in 1829, travelled with her in Europe and set up house with her in Hastings in from October 1831 until April 1832. Anne had hoped to persuade Vere to marry her, but was sorely disappointed when Vere announced her engagement to Donald Cameron. Vere is the woman in whose lap Anne is weeping in at the beginning of the TV show Gentleman Jack.

You can read the original diary entry here:

5 thoughts on “Wednesday 23 July 1828

  1. Hi. I see Anne has thoughts on what the house should be called but does she mention what it is actually called? Presumably it already has a name unless it’s a brand new build with no name to date. Tobermory is very picturesque, stunning views over the bay. The children’s programme Balamory is based on Tobermory with the colourful houses.

    1. According to Alexander Maclean Sinclair’s 1899 book, The Clan Gillean (, Sibella’s father handed over his estates to his son Hugh in 1828. Hugh bought Ben More in Mull and started building the castle of Drimfin near Tobermory. Presumably this is the house that Anne is staying at and referring to in this journal entry. Anne mentions in the previous day’s entry that she suggested the house be called Coll House but it ‘[s]hould be [written] Drimfin (dreemfin) the hill of Fingal.’

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