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Sunday 27 July 1828


No kiss. Breakfast at 10¾. Messers Johnson & Dundas with us. Gentlemanly young men. Sat talking to Albine in the drawing room till 2½ about charity schools &c. Hint that she might combine hers with a friendly society & a shop on a larger scale than the one she has at present for merely ready made clothes. Talk over the Sarah Riddle business respecting Albine’s general accusation against the Gaelic schoolmasters & read the man’s letter (the secretary to the Gaelic school society) to Sarah Riddle in reply. Sarah Riddle ought not to have communicated Albine’s letter without 1st telling her, but Albine’s sentence if communicated to the secretary laid her open to all he wrote.1The Gaelic School Society, founded in 1811, funded schools in the Highlands and islands of Scotland which taught children in Gaelic, with the aim of teaching them to read the Christian scriptures in their native language.  Perhaps, given that it seems from Anne’s journal entry that Albine has been critical of the the Gaelic School Society teachers, Albine was not in favour of teaching in Gaelic.

From 3 to 5 walk up & down with Mrs McLean. They are evidently anxious to get rid of Miss MacLean. Say honestly, to which Mrs MacLean agrees, it will be best for all parties for her to be away. Advise their making a permanent arrangement. She asked what Miss MacLean could live for in Paris. I said two hundred and fifty a year. We got on together admirably. Dinner at 6. Mrs Horn Elphinstone & her friend dined with us, went away about 9½.

Came up to bed at 10. Sat talking to Albine. Isabella the youngest child has a shocking temper.2I assume this refers to Isabella-Sibella Maclean, Sibella’s niece (her brother Hugh’s daughter). Interesting that she should be a favourite of Sibella’s as well as being her namesake.
Miss MacLean will not allow it, always spoilt her. This a great bone of contention among them all. She is to be sent to school at Liverpool. Not a word to be said to Miss MacLean till all finally settled. On her coming to bed hinted at the child’s bad temper. Miss MacLean took it up and said Albine was to blame for telling me but she abused the child to every body. I gently defended Albine’s right to tell me. This made Miss MacLean cross and she said gruffishly in conclusion “I differ with you in opinion.” I, by and by, answered gravely, “I am sorry we should differ on such a subject,” and got into bed annoyed thinking to myself, well before long perhaps we shall not hit it right together. Fine day.

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