Anne Lister diary transcriptions Anne Lister's diary 1828 Anne Lister's diary July 1828

Tuesday 29 July 1828

7 50/60
12 20/60

Breakfast at 9 35/60. Afterwards talking to Miss MacLean about her family matters and about her going to Paris. Then talk a little to Mrs MacLean in her sitting room then from from 12 50/60 to 4 20/60 have Miss McLean with me a while & settle accounts & wrote out journals of Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday last. Dinner at 5.

Afterwards out walking ½ hour with Miss McLean and tea at 7 50/60. From 8 35/60 to 9 35/60 walk with Mr Hugh McLean along the Aros road. Talk of Miss MacLean, her going to Paris and the expenses and slightly on their family matters. Gives me to understand the estate is involved. ‘Tis evident he too would not be sorry at Miss MacLean’s going. Says ‘tis seeing her unhappy that makes them all so. Came to my room at 10¾. Albine came sat with me as usual till Miss MacL came to bed. Showery day. Fine evening.

Aros Bay (Mull), looking east
Martin Southwood / Aros Bay looking east / CC BY-SA 2.0

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