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Friday 4 July 1828


Up & dressed & off in ¾ hour. For the steam packet to Aberdeen at 6. Mrs McL- walked with us. On getting to the pier found there was no packet today. Thought of going to Kirkaldy per steam & thence posting it to where we should meet the steam boat tomorrow at a later hour. It soon began to rain. At last after waiting for the Kirkaldy boat, persuaded to return here. Got back at 7. Lay down on the bed, dozing till 10. Breakfast at 10 10/60. Sat talking till 12 10/60 then came to my room. Had had some idea (tho’ raining all the morning) of going to Edinburgh to see William’s views of Athens & different parts of Greece. From 12¾ to 3¾ at my accounts. Rectifying an error made some time ago. Then wrote all but the last 9 lines of Wednesday. Then Miss MacL brought me a letter she had written to Miss Charlotte Mackenzie. Would make me write a few lines in it. I pothered over them till six and then, not pleased, would have Miss MacL write her letter over again. Dinner at 6½. Tea between 8 & 9. Afterwards wrote the last 9 lines of Wednesday & the whole of yesterday & today & sat an hour tête à tête with Mrs McL- talking about Miss McL-. Very fine, very handsome girl in her youth. Very much admired. A Colonel Hepburne in love with her. Would have been a match but there was interference. Some young ladies said she was engaged to a Mr Wright and the Colonel immediately paid attention elsewhere but was nevertheless still unmarried. Fair from about 4 p.m. for the rest of the day. Rainy day till them. Came to my room at 12¼ & wrote ¼ hour.

The Old Chain Pier, Newhaven (1822) by Alexander Nasmyth

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5 thoughts on “Friday 4 July 1828

  1. I am not so sure who was this Mrs MacLean, Sibella’s elder brother’s wife? And she was talking about an admirer of Sibella when she was younger, I guess?

  2. Thank you so much for transcribing these travels – would have never known otherwise. Such an interesting look behind the scenes.

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