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Sunday 6 July 1828


Up at 7 35/60 on account of the magnesia but more griped than usual (in general never griped at all, but took it more acid than ever before, should have had double the quantity of water). Went to bed again. Had a cup of tea about 9 & got up at ten. Two good motions one at first and another now. Turned out & packed my traveling bag etc. Breakfast at 12. Miss McL- had written to her friend & second cousin Mrs McPherson. Kind answer. To dine there at 5. The gentleman called again to introduce the middle-aged lady (a drawing mistress it seems, from Bath, who was sketching yesterday on board the steamer) on the plea of giving us information about going to Glencoe. Not that she could profit us much. A pother but civil to her. Meant to have gone to afternoon church at 2½ but prevented by rain. Heavyish from about 2 to 3. Wrote out the journal of yesterday & so far of today till 3¼. As I lay this morning, planning about Miss MacL. Together one hundred and twenty per annum from her father and fifty from Vere on condition of Vere’s having the five hundred at Miss MacL’s death. I to take it during her life at six percent. She to have an apartment near or live with us, she and her maid for a hundred a year as long as might suit our mutual inclination and convenience.

Anne’s crypthand recording her ‘planning about Miss MacL,’ 6 July 1828
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Settled my accounts till 3 20/60. At 4 10/60 Miss McL- & I off in a hackney chaise from the house (Royal Hotel, Machry, Late Dempster) to Dr McPherson’s at Old Aberdeen. Greek professor of the college. Got there in ¼ hour. Dinner at 5. Dr McPherson an agreeable pleasant man with plenty to say to make up for his wife whose sister, Mrs Forbes, & 3 daughters (10, 16, 17) came in the evening. Talkative, good humoured party. Just before coming away [biliously] inclined & for a few minutes unable to say the exact thing I meant. Miss McL- explained. Mr Forbes & Dr McPherson walked part of the way home with us. He had a bad accident 3 or 4 years ago. A sprain & cannot yet walk far. Home in 40 minutes at 9 25/60. A good dinner for Sunday and in pretty good style from Tignac wine after dinner. Not very elegant but good sort of sufficiently genteel people, cousins of Miss MacL’s. Vid. line 8 from the top. Fine afternoon & evening.

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