Anne Lister diary transcriptions Anne Lister's diary 1833

Saturday 17 February 1833

One loose largeish motion all deep dark green. [Came] downstairs at 10 to speak to Booth the mason. Can hardly tell what Park Farm [illegible] end will take to built it up new, but will take it down & then make [illegible] either[?] or do the job & have it valued afterwards. Breakfast with my aunt at 10 ¼. Came to my room at 11 ½. Cut my nails. Read from page 164 to 173 volume 2 Lyell’s Geology. Prayed from 11 55 to 12 ¾ & read sermon 31 Mr Knight. [illegible] came in about 12 ½. Came to my room at 1 ¼ and till 3 ¾ from page 173 to 234 vol ii Lyell’s Geology. Miss Walker sent my Tuscan cloak with a slip of paper contained mentioning “I hope to see you at diner at 5 o’clock, AW.” Off to Lidgate at 4 20 & there in ½ hour. Found Mr & Mrs Jeremiah Dyson & Mr Parker there. The Dysons soon went away but Mr P stayed for dinner. Saw H- on business for a few minutes before dinner. Said I would give 4 percent for the £2000 joint money but no more. Very [sorry?] to keep it all. Might as a charity give Miss [Theobald?] something more on the £500 made over to her but this should be a separate thing & always optional. The money should be considered at 4 percent like the rest. Mr Jeremiah Rawson [illegible] been blustering at Mr P-‘s office, said he never saw such on lease (the coal-lease), would never sign it. What had it to do with the upper bed works. The fact is they are stealing my upper bed coal & do not like to be looked after. Told Mr P- to write a civil note to Mr R- Christopher & ask whether he meant to sigh the lease or not.

Diner about 6. Captain Sutherland professed his love of sitting [illegible] [illegible] wine after dinner & kept Mr P- till about 9 ½ when they came in to tea & coffee and Mr P- went away about 10. Captain S- said prayers & very soon afterwards we all went apart at 11 ¼ .

I had been very sorry for myself [on account of] such company. Mrs S- vulgar, which would have been sooner and more easily perceived had she been less quiet. She had dirty nails. Captain good hearted and well enough but evidently not a high bred highlander. Mr Parker the best, but he on going away held out his hand and of course I shook hands. Thought I, well poor girl what a set she is getting amongst. Rainy afternoon & evening from about 1 ½ p.m., the morning till then fine & mild.

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