Anne Lister diary transcriptions Anne Lister's diary 1834

Saturday 1 March 1834

Three tolerable times of it last night. She wanted to have me quite near to her and we shall manage it by & by. Fine morning, F53o at 9 10 a.m. Breakfast at 9 35. Read the St. James Chronical. Very sleepy & literally asleep ½ hour till 12. Out at 1 50. Went to see Richardson’s Casts in Stonegate. Crossed the river & walked all round on the walls to Skeldergate. Then all round into Trinity Late to Nutt the combmaker. Ordered tortoise shell comb to be like the hand come Lady Vere gave me (left it for a pattern). Price to be 16/. Home at 4 ½. Dressed. Dinner at 6. Out at 7 20 in a fly. I was ¼ hour upstairs & 20 minutes downstairs with Dr B- & left Miss W- at the Henry Belcome’s & called on Mrs Best. Laying on the sofa & could not see me but Ellen came to the carriage door to [supl..?]. Then to the Duffin’s to tea. Then at the Minster Court Belcomes at 10 for 20 minutes & then back to the Henry B-’s & home at 11. Sat up eating oranges. Came to my room at 12. Fine day.

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