Anne Lister diary transcriptions Anne Lister's diary 1834

Wednesday 12 February 1834

Long capital grubbling so that little time for sleep. She is to give me a ring and I her one in token of our union as confirmed on Monday. Breakfast at 9. Washingtom came for a little while. Miss W-’s maid not much fit for packing. I did it all. Books & papers etc etc in abundance and had not done till 2. Then off to Shibden. Miss W- ½ hour here with my aunt & a few minutes in my study & off again at 3 ¼. I went with her (her own carriage & man and maid) as far as the King’s Head Inn near Bradford & walked back and came in at 5 50 having sauntered up the road.

Dinner at 6 ½. Coffee & tea. Asleep on the sofa. With my aunt from 8 ¾ to 9 ¾ then with my father & Marion & sat up talking till 10 50. Affectionate to Miss W- and told her I should not be long without seeing her. She desired me not to write any thing particular. She meant of affection, which I promised. I certainly feel fond of her now and if I was once really near her (no drawers on) and she was pretty well satisfied I should be at ease. She has often said she wished to be near myself. Civil letter came this morning from Luillacy Calais, to say the plate was sent off to Laffilte’s, and tonight letter from Lady [Hau…t?] [vid?] Friday. Fine day. A hail shower as I returned over the hills after leaving Miss W-. This evening F47o now at 11p.m. My cousin came gently just after breakfast.

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