Anne Lister diary transcriptions Anne Lister's diary 1834

Thursday 27 February 1834

No drawers on last night first time and first attempt to get really near her. Did not succeed very well but she seemed tolerably satisfied. Rainy morning. Could not have my own carriage & Myers could not get Miss W-’s  ready till 12. Breakfast at 9 ¾. A little French. I ½ asleep over it. Off to Langton at 12 50. Damp rainy disagreeable day. She was poorly and tired tho she had got up so well in the morning. I saw there was much nervousness about going to Langton but took no notice. I asked her to buy the gold wedding ring I wore and lent her six pence to pay me for it. She would not give it me immediately but wore it till we entered the village of Langton and then put it on my left third finger in token of our union, which is now understood to be confirmed forever tho little or nothing was said. At Langton at 3 5 only Mr Norcliffe & Charlotte at home. Surprised but very glad to see us & very kind & attentive. C. N- had heard of my arrival from Mrs Milne. Mrs N- now dines at 3 yet we sat down to dinner in about ¼ hour. Coffee [and] tea afterwards about 6 ¼. Miss W- much pleased with Mr Henry Robinson’s blazoning & with Miss Best’s drawings. Our visit went off very well. All sides sufficiently pleased apparently. Came away at 7 20 & home at 9 ¾. Coffee. Sat talking till 11 ¾. Glad we went, the Norcliffes very civil to her. Shyness went off and she seemed much pleased with her visit. Rainy day & evening.

Margin: the ring Miss W-

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