Anne Lister diary transcriptions Anne Lister's diary 1834

Friday 28 February 1834

Tolerably near her last night. She said not quite as well as last night but I think we shall do in time. She seems very fond of me. Is very proper during the day but very sufficiently on the amoroso at night that I am really, or soon shall be, satisfied with her and I really hope we shall get on very well together. Very fine morning, F54o at 9 50. Breakfast at 10 ¼. Read the newspaper. Wrote out Wednesday, yesterday & so far today while Miss W- wrote to Mrs Dyson. In spite of very bad accounts of Mrs Atkinson yesterday no account today, yet she is still living. Dr Belcome came for ¼ hour. Out at 1 50 to 5 ¼. Left Miss Walker at Dr B-’s while I called for ½ hour in the Minster Court. Then back to Mr H Belcome and sat 1/2 hour. Then sauntered about with Miss W- & home at 5 ¼. Dinner at 6. Coffee at 8 ¾. Read the newspaper. Came to my room at 11 ½. Very fine day.   

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