The main purpose of this website is to present transcriptions Anne Lister’s journal in an uncut, largely unedited format for the edification and enjoyment of all those with an interest in this remarkable woman. (Why was she remarkable? See here.)

Due to the sheer volume of writing produced by Anne Lister over her lifetime (estimated to be 4 million words, or 6,600 pages), it has been necessary for published works containing transcriptions of Lister’s journals (details of these works here) to select only parts (albeit what were considered the most interesting or relevant parts) of what Lister wrote for inclusion. In fact, the majority of Lister’s journals have not been published. I’ve been left with a burning curiosity to read more, read Lister’s words in her own hand, discover more about her, read even the tedious details edited out of published works.

Since starting transcribing I’ve largely been focussing on a period of Anne Lister’s life that has not been covered in any of the published works: a tour she took of Scotland with Sibella Maclean from May to July 1828. If you want to read this sequence of journal entries in order start here.

Anne Lister & Sibella Maclean
Anne Lister timeline (and travel maps)

Interactive timeline and maps compiled by Amanda Pryce – explore Anne Lister’s life.

The Anne Lister Phenomenon

Why Anne Lister has so many modern day admirers?
How to read Anne Lister’s original journals

Where to find them online and tips on how to read them.

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  1. Dear Leigh. A discussion has been going on (Twitter) about a “Tartan Cloak” belonging to Anne, also called a MacLean Tartan, and her “red cloak” that she first tore and then temporarily lost in the Pyrenees in 1838–by then it was “well worn”, yet she was determined to find it as if it had sentimental value. Marlene Oliviera is transcribing that portion of the diaries. We wondered if the Cloak was purchased in Scotland during her travels with Sibbella MacLean. I have referred Marlene to this site. Would you have any recollection of this tartan cloak’s being purchased? Sadly, I could not remember, though I recalled she did shop a little in the larger towns, such as on “Princes Street” in Edinburgh.

    1. Sorry, I haven’t come across Anne purchasing a tartan cloak in the entries I have transcribed. Apologies also for the delay in replying.

  2. Thank you for setting up this site. I really enjoy reading these ‘uncut’ versions of her diary and like you felt that I wanted to know more about her. I plan to do some transcribing in the future. I look forward to each of the new diary pages as they appear. Thanks again

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